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I don't trust any government to do the right thing, and I think they extort
way too much in taxes.

I have "paid" in taxes about 1/2 million dollars over the years

That's a big mansion with a pool and its own shooting range.

How can I be expected to trust a group of people who spend money like drunken sailors?
Well you need to remember that the elected officials represent not just you but many other people, some of whom want more socialist programs. So it's on you and me and others who care to work to elect only those who share our views and to work to guide the ones in office already. If your congressman and senators don't know your name and your opinions on the issues, then you haven't done your job as a citizen and contacted them enough. Instead of blaming the elected officials for the way they do their jobs, look in the mirror and blame that guy for not working hard enough to put the right people in office, even if it means running yourself.
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