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I don't care what they do so long as they serve. It's not about the training because the military doesn't adequately train people to carry guns in everyday noncombat situations. It's about the service and actually earning citizenship by giving something back to this country. My personal take is that American citizenship is valuable and should be bought, not just born into. It can't be bought with money but it can be bought by giving something back. It's a two-way street.

Robert Heinlein also espoused the view that only people who had served in the military could become Citizens and enjoy all of the rights and privileges that go with it. I'd be willing to expand that to allow people to go into police, fire, medical etc. positions...just something that lets them give something back to this great nation.

But getting back on track, I don't want untrained, uninformed people who may be unfamiliar with how a handgun works or what the laws are carrying one around my family. Some of you "purists" may not think so highly of your families, but that's your choice. Believe it or not, people are not going to be dying en masse just because it takes them a little longer to get a CCW and that "right" is subject to the same reasonable regulation that every other right in this country is, just as our founders had envisioned.
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