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I don't see alot of problems with having a true practical shooting test to get your license (like a driver's license) which emphasizes the skills I mentioned above, since they should be considered necessary for the effective use of a handgun in a self defense situation. Some people in my CPL class (a while ago) had trouble hitting the paper at ranges under 5 yards. Those people are dangerous to themselves and those around them and they are probably unfamiliar with their weapon and it's safeties as well. Why not make sure they're reasonably competent before letting them carry?
Another arena where tests are improper is voting. Southern states enacted
literacy test requirement for voting. Then, the enforcers twisted this
requirement to exclude African Americans from voting. If the African
American passes a literary test in English, he would be then given one
in French. If he passes that, he would have to take another in Latin ...
until they could find one that he wouldn't pass.

I favor no laws which mandate anything for gun ownership or concealed
carry. But I do favor strong, voluntary and friendly encouragement
and suggestion by fellow gun owners.
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