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I think training which stresses the person mentally should be mandatory with a CPL. Some shooters I have seen are fairly proficient at the range, then when shooting an action sequence where they have to draw, move or change positions, doubletap, seek cover, reload, etc. get very confused and act and shoot very poorly. Things like trying to catch empties out of a wheelgun or retain an empty mag are common, as are botched draws from concealment, failure to use cover effectively, improper shooting technique etc.

Having good range skill with your handgun out to about 15 yards or so is a must IMO; from there the act of drawing, reloading properly, acquiring and firing rapidly, and seeking and using cover should also come naturally. Your focus should be on where and what the threat is doing and if it warrants lethal force, not what you should do if it does.

Basically, if you wonder if your skill is good enough; it probably isn't, and you probably need some training.
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