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Since we all believe in right to carry, that is a personal confidence that I will not dictate to others. (I know that wasn't your intent anyway)
I would be opposed to any law that mandates a certain level of proficiency
to carry concealed because liberal lawyers will twist such laws to make it
difficult for anybody to carry concealed (like DC lawyers saying that my
1911 and CZ-75B are "machine guns" ). You know first hand
Peetza, you live in New York.

Having said that, there are certain things that an individual should do for
himself for his own good. And, I can also suggest to another person that
they maybe want to get some more training in correct handling of a handgun.
That other person can do with my suggestion what they wish.

Training and practice breeds confidence, and there's nothing like muscle
memory when @@@@ hits the fan.


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