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"Imagine a diminutive woman carrying a concealed handgun, and imagine
a perp accosting her. With a trembling hand the woman pulls out her gun,
the perp adroitly takes the gun away from her. Now, whatever the situation
was before, it has become a life and death situation for the woman."

This could just as well happen to ANY person who hasn't had enough training - male or female.

Don't mean to be a shrew, but it bothers me when I see stereotypical profiling that specifically implies a FEMALE would be more likely to have something like this happen.

I think the MENTAL aspect of carrying is just as important as being proficient with your weapon. I took a little time after getting my CWP to make sure I was mentally ready to carry a weapon - it is a HUGE responsibility, and I wanted to be sure I had my head around it and would be able to pull the trigger if I had to, knowing what the consequences could be.

"Basic handgun safety and handling. The basic CCW course, then LOTS of practice. I hit the range once a week and fire at LEAST 50 with my carry piece. A tactical course is good, too.

I'll add knowing the law of where and when you can carry and when you can shoot is of ultimate importance."

I think this is a pretty good summary for the basic skills one should have. I wish it were possible to practice things like drawing from my concealed holster at the range, but it's not, so it's something I will have to do at home. I would really be interested in some kind of tactical class to give me SOME kind of experience in that area.

I know nothing can ever REALLY prepare you for the real thing, should it ever happen, but the more training and preparation I can do, both mentally and physically, the better off I'll be. I am constantly trying to learn and improve my skills and mindset.
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