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Imagine a diminutive woman carrying a concealed handgun, and imagine
a perp accosting her. With a trembling hand the woman pulls out her gun,
the perp adroitly takes the gun away from her. Now, whatever the situation
was before, it has become a life and death situation for the woman.

Sense of insecurity may cause sleepless nights. False sense of confidence
can get you killed.

I'd say that a considerable amount of introspection goes hand-in-hand with the training. The woman in your example MUST make sure she is willing to pull that trigger before carrying a gun. I'm not sure ANYTHING is more important than that decision. No amount of training will help if you can't/won't pull the trigger when it has to be done. After that, I think it's a personal decision, you need to be trained to a level that makes the gun you carry more dangerous to the BG than it is to you. Since we all believe in right to carry, that is a personal confidence that I will not dictate to others. (I know that wasn't your intent anyway)
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