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What level of training is prudent for concealed carry?

As many of you have pointed out, the level of proficiency one has to demonstrate with
a handgun to get a concealed carry permit is very low. That is not
necessarily a bad thing. But, what level of proficiency and training is
prudent for concealed carry?

I would argue that if a person is only proficient with a firearm to barely pass
concealed carry practical test, that person needs to achieve a higher
proficiency before concealed carry makes sense.

As handgun experts have said, when you're carrying, a fight automatically
involves one where a firearm is present because you brought it. So, a
fight that would only have resulted in physical and emotional bruises
otherwise may turn deadly simply because a firearm is present.

Someone with little to no training may have a false sense of security from
a concealed handgun, but that handgun may very well be used to take
the bearer's life.

At the very least, I think that someone who wants to carry needs to take
a comprehensive class on safe and effective pistol handling, and on top of
that the person should either practice on his own regularly or take
refresher courses.

What are your thoughts?

Lest you doubt my intentions, I have no intention or authority to take away
anybody's firearm. And I certainly do not have the intention or authority
to dictate who may carry and who may not.

I'm simply saying that a handgun carried by someone with less than ideal
proficiency with the same handgun may create more dangers for the
bearer. Mace or taser might be a better option for some.


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