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Lever Action Sharpshooters

Recommend a fun book called "Huntin' Gun" by Walter R. Rodgers, published by
Washington Infantry Journal Press in 1949. May be available thru Amazon,
AbeBooks, even Barnes & Noble, Used & Out of Print. Set in early 1900's, and
about fantastic shooters & accomplishments made with their guns, observed
by Walter Rodgers as he drifted across South Texas, into New Mexico, as a
working Cowboy. Many were old Winchesters in pistol calibers, .32-20 up to
.30-30, with or without sights (broken off) breaking deer's necks, running or
not, at even 100 yards. No scopes, bolts, or modern mega cartridges for
these boys, they could just SHOOT, with whatever they had, often from
horseback, because they "knew their gun" and carried it every day. It's a
very good read, especially for boys just starting out! DL at Rafter M Ranch
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