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Casual dress carry

I live in a semi warm climate and generally wear a tucked in shirt and dress pants. My job will not allow me to carry inside my office unless I carry a badge (which I do not). I do carry my CCW whis is sometimes a Glock 19 or XD and lock it in a vehicle lock box until I get out of work. I do have a paddle that I wear with my CCW. The weather here can get up to 90 degrees. I would look really out of place putting on a jacket. When I come home I sometimes put on my paddle and walk 50' from the street to my house. Would this be considered brandishing? I am not trying to 'show off'. My state is 'open carry' but would be frowned upon in the large 'Motor City' in which I live. It would not look right for me to pull out my dress shirt and walk in. I could try to dress in my parking lot but that may cause unwanted attention since our lot has closed circuit TV's. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how did you solve it? Thanks.
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