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I have the exact same Ruger 10/22. I was thinking about replacing the stock so I could put on a bipod. Doing so would also get rid of the barrel band; basically allow it to be a 'free floating barrel'. Many if not most stocks already have the swivel stud on the front too.

Check out Midway USA for instance. There are so many different types of stocks. Here's a search link:

There are 3 main things I don't like about the stock that came with it. The butt is hollow and feels chiny, I don't like the barrel band, and no swivel studs.

Here's some that I was looking at.
Hogue OverMolded Stock Ruger 10/22 .920" Barrel Channel Rubber Black $64.99

Ram-Line Syntech Stock Ruger 10/22 Standard Barrel Channel Synthetic Black $48.49

A quick install of a swivel stud would be a quick fix though
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