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no echo here, i apologize if there was fastforty.

pahoo, it seemed more informational than instructional about measuring black powder by volume and not by weight, at the m/l safety course. my guess is the guy did not read the booklet well when reveiwing/studying for the written test. i'm not sure. but i am glad the guy did not fire with the overcharge of powder. it may have been a disaster.

wild bill, never thought about weighing each pellet to see if there is any weight differences. i may try it.

i did fire a few loads of loose powder to see if accuracy was different. using 80 gr. for 2 shots and 90 gr. for 2 shots. at 100 yards. the 80 gr. shots went 6" low, the 90 gr. shots went 4" low. will try 100 gr. loads the next time i go to the range. shooting the pyrodex vs. the 777 was much dirtier. it took a little extra cleaning.
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