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Can anyone do a serial number verification that S&W made Serial # DCM6xxx in the last year?
If you have the box, look at the 4-digit number after the serial number. The last 3 digits are the exact packaging date numbered consecutively from the start of the year.

FWIW my M638 has a prefix of DBD and it was packaged in August 2007.
Would this constitute the first time in S&W's history that they have reverse-incremented a model subnumber designation?
Aside from the practice of finishing frames that were made earlier, S&W has also concurrently produced model revisions with minor differences, even when the second revision was supposed to "replace" the first. For instance, according to people on the S&W forum, some M10-4s with the earlier-style narrow front sight were produced years after M10-5 production began. This is thought to have been done for law-enforcement special orders.
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