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Originally Posted by noelf2
Pietta must intentionally make the cylinder chambers smaller so pressures in the barrel will be low. A tighter fit will certainly improve accuracy but I wonder if there is a safety trade-off.

Raider, I'm interested in the results of your next shoot? And if you'll lend me your reamer....
Well as far as having my Chambers @ .4510 & the Groves @ .4495 I wouldn't think that the pressure would effect the barrel being all these guys shooting .45 Colt Cartridge Convertion Cylinders Launching a .4520ish 200gr. - 255gr. Bullet through it with either 30-40ish gr. FFG &/or FFFG charges & mild smokeless loads, & being that the percussion cylinders will pretty much max out at 40gr. FFFG Goex & mine survived it with 3 sucessive cylinder loads of it, it should be fine under my normal loads of 30-35gr. FFFG Goex or 30gr. Pyrodex P & a .457 Ball which is almost a requirement now but not a problem for me.

Since I'm pretty much done with my reamer I may sell it for half of what I paid for it.
$40.00 shipped.
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