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I have seen enough of these threads that I have come to the conclusion that most people completely miss the point of mouse guns.
If I can't carry a big gun, I carry a .32 Seecamp. It's there when I can't carry anything else. It's there when, maybe I shouldn't be carrying. It's no range gun. I practice at 3 yards. Not 7 yards, or 10 yards. It won't shoot 1 inch groups at 50 yards. I don't even have the slightest illusion that it will put down a 300 pound speed addict. It's not the gun for a gunfight. If it's all I have, I'm gonna do my best to try to hide.
It's a down a dirty gun. It's for that last ditch effort, when the fertilizer has hit the ventilators, and things have gone to pot. You put it under the bad guys chin, pull the trigger 7 times, and pray.
Yo Macklin, great party, but no whiskey. We go home now.
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