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It gets confusing to say the least. Yes, I live between two states, both of which are legal. Of course my profile shows something, you just have to do a little searching, but No Mans Land is a place. Previous to 1900, it was so noted on US maps. So that is one hurdle out of the way. I could probably avoid a lot of brain damage by running it through my business corporation.

Now let me clarify a couple things. Lets say I do a Form 4 and get a permit back from the BATF'ers. Then I am free to obtain a silencer, or to make one. If I select to purchase one, then do I have to pay a $200 transfer fee on it in addition to the $200 Permit fee? Or does the original $200 cover it?

I have numerous sets of plans for silencers, and the tools and ability to construct, so that isnt even an issue. I just checked the BATF site and Form #1's are not available at this time. I didnt check on #4's. Perhaps I will just phone them and see if I get any cooperation on the other end.

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