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Making a mental note of different clues is not the same as saying someone who dresses a certain way doesnt deserve to be treated like everyone else based on dress alone which is what the OP'er has implied
It is a real combination of action and perception that sends up a flag.
exactly..and action should hold more weight than just what your perception of a certain dress style, racial or religious group ect...I also grew up on the wrong side of the tracks..You, having lived on those sides of the tracks know it wasnt a majority of people who made it the wrong side of the also know that for the most part people on that side of the tracks dressed simularly. So Id think since you have first hand knowledge that appearance wouldnt hold such weight. It doesnt matter if we are talking trailor park, ghetto, latino barrio...people in certain area will dress simularly for different reasons...bubba who works construction will dress the same way as his brother Hoss who is a meth head and steals from his brother bubba to support his habit. Action and demeanor before appearance is all Im saying.
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