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Do you all think that the gangbangers and other criminals practice and or train with their guns?

You would think that these are folks who cannot legally own a gun, so where do the shoot?

Do they clean their guns?

Anybody else ever thought about this?
first off, they 'practice' shooting AT folks. Much more realistic than punching paper. Clean or dirty, guns will fire
note that gang shooters are not mindful of what is behind their target, they don't give a rat's behind about the legality, and they are not concerned with civil suits down the road.
Gangs work with terror and disparity of force, AND, probably the most important aspect so far as we are concerned, THEY determine the timing of the attack.
The attacker is ALWAYS at an advantage in a gun fight.

Don't dismiss 'gang bangers' as ineffective clowns. That will get you killed if you ever have the misfortune to run into one.
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