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BATF requirements for Silencers

I am wanting to suppress a couple of rifles, and there seems to constantly be questions on paperwork and permits and what we must do to get a legal muffler for a rifle. I would hope that some good advice comes to this question and perhaps it could be placed as a sticky so we have some roadmap to follow until we get one done so we understand the process.

So, the question is,,,,,,,what do I have to do to get a legal silencer?
What form is first required? Is this a Form #1?

Then a $200 fee has to be attached?

Then fingerprints and background check?

So we pass all this and then we have to have the permission of the local law enforcement?

So lets say we get that done and BATF issues the permit, then I can make or buy a suppressor........? If I buy it, do I have to pay an additional $200 transfer fee?

What is it going to cost for me to get a can on the end of my barrel?

I am looking for answers from those who have silencers or who have the licences.

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