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six guys in or around a car in front of your home.
The article doesn't say that. It says he was parking his car when he was attacked by 6 men.
six guys bailing out of a car parked in front of my home
It says nothing about a car being visible nor does it say the men were visible when he drove up.

It's highly unlikely that even the most brain-dead thug would think that a good way to take a person in a motor vehicle by surprise would be for a half-dozen men loiter in front of a residence in full view. The point is that given what the article actually SAYS, there's no way to blame this on SA just like there's no way to say that sighted shooting was the cause of the misses or that point shooting would have saved the day.

What I was getting at with my comment about SA is that it's commonly used as a convenient "out" or as a "scapegoat". I hear people recommending ill-advised courses of action and when the problem is pointed out they blithely respond that their excellent SA will prevent their poor tactics from biting them in the nether declivities. I hear people immediately assuming that SA was the problem in scenarios even when there was no evidence to suggest that it was.

The fact is that NO one manages to ALWAYS have perfect SA, and even those who have excellent SA are not immune from having bad things happen to them. SA is very, VERY important, but it's not always the problem when something goes wrong and it's not always going to save you from trouble.
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