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If you can really get better hits faster with point shooting, why don't top level IDPA and ISPC shooters use this method to trounce their slow sighted fire opponents?
I didn't say better hits faster. Let me clarify. You can get good COM hits faster by point shooting. Your first shot is faster point shooting and your splits should be faster because you don't have the micro second delays involved with using the front sight. Its not for every situation and sighted fire should be used when ever possible. For me PS will only be used when I'm behind in the reactionary curve or when shooting from a retention position.

Also when talking about fighting with the gun there is a line of thought that suggests speeding up until your groups open up a bit. Your all A zone hits while beautiful and fast could be A & B zones hits even faster while still being effective.

Personally I don't use the sights on the real close action shooting targets.
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