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Thanks for sharing...

I have three Rem NAs of pretty good accuracy and am very interested in your work.

More details, pls.

One frustration I have in gaging the potential of my C/Bs is that few shooters post credible group info. (Also, distances vary from 50 feet to 20 yards to 25 yards.) I keep hearing about "cloverleafs" at 25y, which would mean sub-2" groups. I sometimes get cloverleafs, but other balls go wide. I'm trying to keep my targets to have a ragged record of my progress.

It would be nice to have a rough standard for posting grouping info., such as: 50 feet, measure center-to-center, and an AVERAGE for the groups along with the BEST group. (Even I get lucky once in awhile.)

Nothing anal -- this ain't benchrest shooting -- but something useful to those of us who are curious about the potential of these Amero-Italian wonders can produce.
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