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I mostly shoot loose powder in my traditionals as well as my in-lines. Rarely do I go to pellets. My hunting load is 95 grains, My target load is 70 grains and my teaching load is 40 grains. I suppose I could develope pellet loads but pretty happy with what I'm working with now and you get more bang for my bucks, using loose powder. You should not have ignition problems with the in-lines. However, I do use a musket primer on one of my in-line hunters.

I teach Muzzleloading during Hunter Safety classes and do not understand the instructional scenerio you mentioned. We would never teach this way and teach what you should do rather than what you personally are doing. Not to pick on these fellas but we have problems teaching Buckskinners.
The NMLRA presents an excellent course as well as other groups.

Be Safe !!!
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