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Sorry to hear about the lost gun but it once again shows how pervasive the problem really is at Remington. I hope that .243 wasn't a gun given to you by your father or grandfather or somebody else that meant a lot to you. Any .243 can be replaced but not one with sentimental value. Did I mention Remington wouldn't care anyway? They don't.

How can they "lose" a gun? In previous posts on Remington I addressed this very issue. They told me that a 700 I was sending them was insured. I asked for how much and they said $150.00. If I wanted more I would have to buy it myself. $150.00 doesn't even come close to the cost of the gun.

A lot of people out there are having these problems with Remington. If more people would share them maybe Remington would get its act together. Doubtful.

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