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What I took from this case is a lack of situational awareness and the importance of getting the first good hit on a bad guy.

I didn't even know that the slug hit me squarely in the middle of my chest. But my subconscious did, because it instantly sent gallons of adrenaline into my system, turning me into a stumbling zombie.
Stumbling zombies don't point shoot or use sights very well. Getting good hits fast is very important as it could cause your attacker to miss were he otherwise would have hit.

It has been proven over and over again that sighted fire is superior to unsighted fire.
Question....If you can get really good hits point shooting very fast or very good hits sighted but not as fast.....what do you do?

A point shooter will likely get his bullet out first and possible turn the sight fire guy into a "stumbling zombie".

There is NO way a person living a normal life can keep his distance from everyone he sees. It's simply not possible. YES, SA is clearly important, but it can not be the scapegoat for every situation that goes bad. I think too much is blamed on SA and people count on their SA too much to keep them out of trouble. It's critical to maintain SA, but even if your SA is perfect it can't save you from every situation.
Six guys walking out of a McDonald's as you walk in vs.......
The scene is in South Africa in 1996, where a family man is parking his car at home when he is attacked by six gun toting thugs.
.........six guys in or around a car in front of your home. This guy was not using his BG radar. Had he done so he might not have been shot. There are times when SA won't give you valuable time to react however if I see six guys bailing out of a car parked in front of my home I can promise you that I won't have to worry about accessing my gun and preparing for trouble.
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