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thank you. for the clarification, i should expect the same results whether i use loose powder or pellets with the same projectile.

black powder is measured by volume and not by weight, fastforty,

i remember back when i took the muzzleloader safety course to hunt. there was a guy taking the course that had no clue about that. he stepped up to the firing line started loading his rifle. was pouring and pouring, the instructor looked at him and said" how much you putting in there"? he said "ninety grains". oh really was the instructors reply. how did you measure it? oh i just used my powder scale i use for reloading. whoa stop right there a minute buddy. everybody can i have your attention please. who here has a powder measure? the instructor asked. everybody had a powder measure for black powder except him. he had way too much poured in and still had some left over from his first charge. it wasn't an inline rifle, and wasn't a magnum model either.
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