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help with swivel/bipod combo on 10/22

Hey guys,
New to the forums. I have about a 1k round experience with my old 70$ (paper route money) 12ga New England single shot. Skill wise about 8/10 hand thrown clays with it. Even able to get 2 thrown at the same time. (no easy feat for a break open single shot).

Just got my first rifle a Ruger 10/22lr synthetic stock and stainless barrel. Money is tight but id really like to add a decent/cheap short sub 12" bipod and swivel/strap to it. I'm googleing all over but cant find if it is possible to simultaneously have both with this gun. I'm hoping someone here knows if its possible and if so can point me to a compatible combo.

looking to spend about

-swivel and carry strap.... 10-25$
-bipod.... 30-40$

I have a cabelas, walmart nearby. Or had some really low prices. (just cant find compatibility information hence why i am here.

You may be wondering why i "need" both; i fractured my spine a few years ago my left arm isn't always stable since then hence the bipod on a 5pound gun. I have a wife and home now that id like to protect without waiting for bad guys to get into shotgun range. The 10/22 is a short term measure while i save up for a proper 200yrd .223 rifle. Decided to get the 10/22 first as i doubt i could hit crap with a .223 first and couldn't afford to practice with it. So any help with this tricky combo would be much appreciated, guys at gun shop had no idea about it.
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