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loose powder vs. pellets in an inline rifle question

i seem to recall that i can use loose powder or pellets in my traditions (tracker 209) inline rifle. paperwork went missing . have been using pellets in it. 2 50 gr. pellets of 777. with a sabot, not prb or cb.

what i would like to know is, has anyone used loose powder in an inline rifle and had no trouble with firing? having said that should i use the same amount of powder, meaning 2 50 gr pellets equaling 100 gr/100 gr. of loose powder?

the loose powder i have is hogdon pyrodex rs. ( cheapo right) works fine in my cva missouri ranger. the pellets cost more per pack than a pound of loose powder. i know i can get more shots with the loose than the pellets,and if i should run out of pellets but have loose powder i could use it. as long it works. a friend/coworker and i are going to the range in the morning.
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