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I see many here with the assumption that point shooting is..

A) Not accurate.

B) Takes too long to learn.

C) Requires natural talent to master.

All of which are false assumptions, BTW.

Yes, he found himself in a bad situation, and was taken by surprise.
As any of us can be, especially when coming home with our wives and children.
Body armor?
How many non LEO's are actually going to wear body armor in our day to day lives?
It is a shame that he had no training for this type of reactive situation, since this is the norm--multiples, low light, close range, etc, etc) for the vast majority of gun owners.
PS..the article also states that SA has over 50 murders a day.
And I recently met a SA police officer who told me that they have over 300 cops killed in the line of duty each year.
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