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A Case For Point Shooting.
So you think if the bad guys had been point shooting that they would have finished off the story teller?

I think a better question would be would he have hit the guy had he had training in one handed point shooting.
Why not one-handed aimed shooting?

Funny thing, from the story, the only shot that we know that was landed was by the bad guy on the good guy. It was the only shot in the fight where the shooter was able to determine when and where to shoot. There is NO indication of any other shots hitting any targets.

So would point shooting have changed the events? Maybe they would have for the bad guys. Since the story teller could have done nothing to prevent the first shot via point shooting (since he didn't even know the bad guys were there or that he was going to be shot) and since he and his family were not reported to be hit by any other shots, I am not sure how point shooting would have done anything more for him or his family.

As near as I can tell from the story as posted here, the good guy fired 1 or more shots (not stated) without apparently hitting a single bad guy (and he had 6 potential targets) and yet he was able to be victorious in the fight against multiple threats without ever hitting one. So this sounds like an excellent example of how you can miss fast enough to win a fight and to win it against overwhelming odds. Point shooting would not have lessened his injuries. In the end, he was still injured and won the fight.

More information is needed to dissect the situation further.
I do agree with John on this point, but thought it might be interesting to show how the same limited data could be used to refute the original claim.
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