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That would tend to be an absolutely KILLER price for a .284 with 4 boxes of ammunition.

The last .284 I saw was pushing $1k, and I've seen a few over $1k.

"Mike Irwin seems to be the expert & major owner of these

Thank ye for the effusive compliment.

Unfortunately, I have but one Savage 99, an EG made in 1936.

I remember the very first time I saw a picture of a 99, it was on the cover of American Rifleman magazine around 1975.

The graceful lines absolutely hooked me.

I have also become quite enamored with the .300 Savage cartridge. I own three rifles chambered in .300 Savage, the 99, a Remington 722, and a Remington 81.

But, a friend of mine is moving to California in a few weeks. He e-mailed me and told me that he was giving me his .300 Savage because he knows that I will appreciate it.

His asking price?


To be honest, I'd much rather he stay on the East coast.
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