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kw5891, slow down, pay more attention to how you write, and edit for correctness. As with any of us who post here, it is not the responsibility of the reader to understand. It is the responsibility of the writer to make himself understood.

From your post, it sounds as though you need both more practice time in shooting targets at 100 yards or more. For many of us, that distance is looked upon as an easy "gimme" shot. Tight groups are quite common, but it takes practice.

It also sounds as if you need more time in the outdoors, in more open country. I've hunted in jungly parts of Florida, around Blountstown. I've hunted in wide-open country where shots inside 200 yards would be quite uncommon. I've found that I had to get my mind used to the circumstances of the terrain wherein I was hunting.

I agree with you about sighting in for 2" high at 100 yards. I've been doing it that way with most hunting rifles for over half a century. I have a 500-yard range here at my house, with three 22" hanging plates. I have found that with a 10X scope and a halfway-decent shooting table, I readily hold groups of one MOA or very close to it.

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