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I started shooting BP thirty years ago with a junk CVA because that was the only thing I knew was available. There was no internet and if BP/ML gun rags existed, they didn't exist where I lived so it was flying blind with only the gunshop gossip to work with.
Tell me about it. I started 39 years ago. If I hadn't started with a bp revolver I might not be shooting bp today. I bought my first and only flinter when I was 13. I don't even remember who made it. It was a .45 fullstock and looked so cool. It might have fired once every 15-20 tries. I've never had a gun aggravate me and frustrate me as much as that one did. That was the worst 100 bucks I ever spent. Bad part is he had two bp guns. That one which was brand new and a nearly new .36 navy with a belt and holster, bullet mold and everything else that went with shooting it for the same 100 bucks. I still kick my butt for not getting the pistol but I already had a 58 Remington and really wanted that flinter.
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