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OK... Where was this guys situational awareness that five assailants could get close enough to do this?
In my opinion this is dismissive.

There is NO way a person living a normal life can keep his distance from everyone he sees. It's simply not possible. YES, SA is clearly important, but it can not be the scapegoat for every situation that goes bad. I think too much is blamed on SA and people count on their SA too much to keep them out of trouble. It's critical to maintain SA, but even if your SA is perfect it can't save you from every situation.

There is a lot of cause and effect being postulated here but there's not enough information to establish which was cause and which was effect.

Did he miss because he didn't point shoot or because he didn't use his sights? Or because he shot one handed instead of shooting how he trained?

Did he shoot one handed because he couldn't get a bead using two hands or because he was wounded? Or was it because he panicked and didn't fight like he trained?

The lesson learned is that you can take a serious hit and still fight back, even survive. More information is needed to dissect the situation further.
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