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I did some penetration testing (yeah, that's what I'm calling it, LOL) with that bullet & it went through 2 or 3 layers of 2x6 lumber, a phone book & a railroad tie (yes, all stacked in front of each other). If you really like ripping/blowing stuff up, a .50+ cal rifle is the ticket to do it cheaply
I've got to take issue with that. I've been shooting bp a looong time and I never got that kind of penetration with a .50, not even with 100 grs. of powder and a hard cast conical. I'll buy the 3 2X6's and maybe a phone book(if it's not too thick) but a .50 won't go through a RR tie even if that's all there is. A .58 minie powered by 70 grs. of powder will go completely through a four room frame house from 500 yds. if it doesn't hit a stud If you want real destruction get a .58 with minies.
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