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I'm in your camp kraigwy, . . . every weapon system ever designed by man to hurl a projectile (except the sling and the slingshot) have some kind of sight platform built onto them, . . . and not just to increase the retail price.

They're on there, . . . use them!! Reminds me of the boot camp story (cliff notes version) where the DI pits a platoon of shooters on rock and roll against a single sharpshooter. Only 10 ring shots counted. The sharpshooter outshot the platoon by a wide margin.

I teach the few folks I have contact with to use their sights, . . . to start slow and work up, . . . just like you said.

Yeah, . . . it works.

In the lead story here, . . . I'd be prone to believe that the thugs just decided that messing with this guy was likely to get one or more of them hurt, . . . so they just got out of Dodge.

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