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Two hands are nice, but as in the incident, not allways possible. Its a lot easier to shoot with two hands when you train with one hand, then shoot with one hand when you practice with two.

Back when I was a LE Firearms instructor, I was a student of Bill Jordon. (read NO SECOND PLACE WINNER, Bill Jordon). He recommend, or LE officers to do most of your practice drawing and firing one shot. Most of the time, in LE thats whats gonna happen. You see a threat, you draw and fire. It's more then likely gonna happen that way. I mean if any LE office knew he was gonna get involved with in a shooting, he'd take a shotgun or rifle. Most are suprised incidents.

I'm a believer in sights, not point shooting. I shoot Bullseye, I train mostly with one hand and sights. I also practice from the holster. Mostly as Mr Jordon says, draw and fire. Over and Over again.

If you can't get on the sights fast enough, then practice, and practice somemore. With practice comes speed, EVEN USING YOUR SIGHTS.

Start slow and smooth, speed up as you progress, using your sights, You will find you can get faster, remain smoth and use your sights. If shots start going wild, then slow down, get back to fundalmentals, and smooth

No one is born a rifle or pistol shot, Shooters are made with hard work, Not just practice, but GOOD SMOOTH practice. And do most of your practice using one paw.

You can't miss fast enough to win a gun fight.

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