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1: Don't live in South Africa during times of unrest
2: If you live in America and can imagine 6 gun toting thugs in your neighborhood, MOVE!

The incident makes no case for point shooting, to answer your question.

It makes a case for continuing to fight and not giving up when you've been shot and can't use sights.
Quoted for truth.

Or to quote another truth, this one from Tom Givens at Rangemaster, "When somebody tells you you don't have time to aim, they don't understand the problem. What you don't have time to do is miss. You do not have time to miss."

Maybe it makes a case for better trigger control and more practice with moving targets. Almost invariably, the first time a student encounters a moving target, his or her trigger control goes straight into the toilet. If the student can wrap their head around the necessity of good trigger control even when everything's moving, things get better.

We can't be sure the victim even did that, since point shooting entails bringing the gun to eye level and at least using the sights for a reference.
Not so true. There are different ways to index the gun on target, but many of them are simply a felt index or a geometric index as opposed to a gross visual index or a flash sight picture.

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