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FWIW, I DO point paintball and simunitions guns at people. That said, it is force-on-force training for the job, and we are very much practicing for the next level: Shooting real people with real guns!

Where your post turns to complete crap is the idea of doing it for fun. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my training, but the Old West quickdraw is a legend that never was. Unlike in the movies, when you shoot a man in the chest with your .45 Colt, he will NOT fall down or fly through a plate glass window, but continue to SHOOT AT YOU!

In truth, Bob Munden himself could not likely survive unscathed from a live-ammo quickdraw with a good shot of average speed. Both men would get shot, as handguns are not powerful enough to let you live on the difference.

. . .And to prove some idiots would do it for real, check out the Great Falls Tribune. Two tried; one died. And these guys were buddies, not enemies.

QWICKDRAW IS A VALID SPORT, but winners and losers can be determined by timers safely, and without ignoring gun safety. And a +1 to Berk's idea.
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