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"It was almost impossible for me to correctly aim and shoot. I have been trained to shoot with both hands, but I recall that I fired one handed during this incident....."

This in and of itself is neither a case for or against point shooting, sighted fire, one or two handed shooting or much else, except as noted, the importance of wearing body armor. For all we can tell, had he received training emphasizing one and two handed holds utilizing sights and incorporating significant stress levels into the training he would have faired well. Which in turn would not be much of a case for or against anything except the importance of inducing high stress levels while training, and that part about wearing body armor, of course.

Erik, a "you'll only fight under stress as well as you train under stress" advocate, regardless of what you're training to do. And lets be clear, I haven't experienced artificial stress levels yet that I expect closely mirror being shot in the chest from the outset.
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