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Well, I am having a hard time deciding right now. I purchased a Hidden Ally for my revolver (which should be arriving today!) but I haven't yet ordered a holster for my Glock. I am torn between the CompTac MTAC and the KD Dakota Defender.

I like the looks of the KD much better, but I am not sure I want to wait 4 months to get one, when I can get the MTAC in less than 1. Also, I think the J hooks of the MTAC may be less conspicuous than the clips on the Defender. Personally, I think I may like the leather holster of the Defender better, but the clips and wait time have me stumped.

I considered ordering both, using the MTAC until the Defender arrives, then sell whichever I dislike more, but I don't want to spend twice as much as I need to now.

Can anyone offer any insight on it? I hope to order one next week, or else i may never get either of them.


I just was rebrowsing and I see that Tucker has the different clips. How adjustable are they in terms of depth and cant? I see the wait on them is still 3-4 months though.

I guess a quality product is worth the wait though.
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