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My $0.02

For years I have trained using exercises taught at schools like Gun site and Thunder ranch as well as others taken from videos and reading. I recently began adding some things that allow me to move very quickly while still getting good hits on target. However I have never had any formal training.

My question is to those who have attended a formal shooting school. If you obtained all the information taught (much from folks who actually attended) would the course still be worth the money? Why?

I ask because I out perform friends, two of which have attended multiple expensive shooting schools, in every exercises.

Could I gain mentally or perhaps gain by an instructor pointing out any quirks?


I get 5-10 calls a day from potential students asking about what kind of Handgun training the person should take.

I simply ask what do they want to get out of the class? Do they want to become more accurate with target shooting? Do they want to learn how to clear rooms (CQB)? Do they want to learn how to FIGHT with a Handgun?

Please not that I clearly define the learning objectives of every course I teach at the beginning of the class and then review them at the end to make sure my students have met the objective.

Any Instructor who is worth a darn should be willing to discuss with you what you expect from the training you want to take and guide you to the proper course to fit your particular need.

Having said that I will tell you that I get More students for my Advanced Handgun Courses than I do for the Basic Handgun Course. I hear all the time I have been shooting for years. The fact is 60% are not up to par to take an Advanced class. I hear all the time you just want me to take the Basic course so you can make more money........So I do a basic Range Skills test at the beginning of the course and if they can not pass they do not train in that class. It is not fair to the folks who are up to speed with the skill set.

So as an Instructor I would ask you to clearly define what you want to learn so that YOU can get the most from your training dollar.

I will send students to other schools if I can not help them. Because in this business your reputation as an instructor is all you have.

I had a discussion with a good friend and fellow BW instructor Scotty N. the other day and this is what he said: 5 different instructors will teach the same class with the same power point the same range drills and the same course objectives and if the same person took the same class from all 5 instructors each class would be different………….

Make sure you VET the credential of the instructor who is teaching the course……Just because someone can shoot very well, that will not make them an instructor. Just because someone was a cop or in the military this alone will not make them a good instructor.

Anyone can call the line…….It takes an Instructor to fix what is broken.

Just my $0.02
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