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As far as your chrono data, your 777 numbers seem too high to me. You might check them with Hodgdon's web site. I don't see 50% hotter in your numbers, but they are higher than one would expect. Are those numbers averages, and if so, what were the spreads like?
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The chrono was giving fault messages about 75% of the time. I started with it 10yds out and then 15yds. The 777 was recorded 2 times within 8fps, and I will agree the results do not meet 50% but much more than what I was looking for.
The day was hot, and we took time between some loads to shoot C&B and conversion revolvers.
I guess I am lost as to why a hot day would lead to moisture problems shooting 777. Or is 777 equal to BP when it come to collecting moisture?
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