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Let's try this a different way. Drills vs. simulation training seems to be a hangup here.

So you are going to be a fireman. I've read about all kinds of simulation training and stress - only done the FOF stuff however but the idea is the same.

Reading about fireman:

1. They need to learn the equipment very well. They can watch videos and hear lectures on the equipment.
2. They practice with the equipment on the equivalent of paper punching targets.
3. THEN, they go into simulated fires under smoke pressure, heat, noise, confusion, interacting with other fireman, panicked victims, injured folks.

So does this suggest that all the gun handling drills are not sufficient if one really is concerned about the higher end of gun fight survival?

Why do the military and police all go to shoot houses, FOF, FATS, etc. ?

Because drills aren't enough. Why do FOGs really interested in the issues manage to do significant FOF (granted it costs) besides just techniques classes and competitions (which are very useful) - it is because the stress innoculation, seeing yourself screw up, facing thinking opponents in a range across the force continuum is different from a match, a video or drill.

Would you think it is sufficient for the fireman or woman not to have the simulation experience given what we know about training disaster/crisis/stress responses now?

Simulation under stress is crucial to modern training regimes - folks relearn that lesson all the time.
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