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In reply to david armstrong... Is it really wrong or were your techniques just differant. I was teaching room clearing the other day with my sgt. overwatching. I was on my last group and another sgt. came up and straight up called the tactics crap. Why? Just because it wasnt how he was taught. Now both had to been iraq multiple times, and both have actually used their training. And both are still here. Get my drift? Oh and I know civilian and military training is differant, but the principle of training is the same.

Not bagging on schooling at all. But differant people are taught differant ways, and in the end if a technique works for you then use it. I'm not saying accept a lesser technique or try to polish your already crappy techniques (generally speaking) but don't think your not adequate because you werent taught by the gungods themselves. They did afterall come up with these techniques by doing what?.. putting rounds down range.

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