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navy cylinder alignment

I recently dug my unfired Pietta .44 steel frame navy out of the closet. I bought it 7 years ago more as a something to display than shoot. I decided it needed to be shot.

I gave it a good cleaning and cringed because the rust fairy had paid a visit.
It looks good now aside from a bit of marring due to the removal of the wedge.
I tried to be careful,I broke several dowels and turned a few pennies into squares trying to get that thing out. I finally used a punch. I know, stupid.

Anyway, my problem is when I use my bore light to look down the barrel, I see that the chambers and the barrel don't quite match up. It seems to be worse on some than others. If I had to guess, I'd say it's a bit less than a 32nd on the worst chamber. Is this normal? Is it safe to fire?
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