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You need to find a set of friends with a higher skill set. No offense, but you may be judging yourself against a poor sample
They are excellent shooters but you are right perhaps they stink compared to professional instructors. Which means I stink LOL.

threegun, have you given any thought about one-on-one training with one of the instructors you respect?
No but I am trying to work a deal with the range that I (R.O.) at. If I can get them to host a Course........I can get a free entry. I'm gonna go to the next club meeting and ask the club officers.

Then I went to my first professional firearms trainer and found out just how little I knew and how much of what I did know was wrong.
Can you give a brief listing of what you learned at that first session and what they corrected you on?

Would you have felt the same if you already knew and practiced the curriculum of that first school?

I know we butt heads on a few issues David but please be honest. I only have x amount of play money and it is divided between competitive bass fishing and shooting.

I can do it all from engaging multiple targets to shooting on the move. From what to do if the gun malfunctions to what to do if the bullets fail to stop. Transitioning from one platform to another willingly and after a failure. From weapon retention to point shooting. I run scenario based drills also. Plus much more that I can't think of now. Whats missing beside the critiquing of any bad habits or time consuming unnecessary movements?

Thanks in advance.
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