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Well, let's have a little storytime. I grew up shooting a lot. Read everything I could on it. became a fairly good shot with rifle and handgun. Went into the military, got military training in rifle and handgun, etc. Got to train with some SAS guys in what we tend now to call "Israeli Technique Shooting." Became a police officer. Went to Academy, got LE training, etc. Served as a member of the Nat'l Guard shooting team. I was a firearms instructor for both military and LE. Generally outshot everybody I knew that wasn't also on a competition team. Still read just about everything I could get my hands on about shooting. Then I went to my first professional firearms trainer and found out just how little I knew and how much of what I did know was wrong. So yes, I'd suggest thta no matter how well-intentioned, one will not get the quality/caliber of training one gets at a professional firearms school anywhere else. Haaving said that, I also caution that there are a number of 4th and 5th generation trainers out there that you'd be better off buying a videa than going to them. My $.02.
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