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I want to try sweatnbullets Fluid Threat Response course. I find the static drills offered by the big schools to be useful but boring. My mindset is geared toward getting proficient at shooting while on the move. I understand the benefits of using cover however many times it isn't readily available and movement may increase survival rates. Shooting while moving should further increase survival rates. Shooting while moving real fast should bump survival even more.

Glenn, In the last formal training you attended can you give a brief summary of the drills you ran? I'm curious to see if things have changed much with respect to curriculum.

Jim, I agree with the legal issue. I already have researched the issue with respect to Florida. Recently things changed slightly further benefiting the law abiding citizens of my state. Now I am not required to retreat from potential trouble before I can use deadly force. I am still obligated to adhere to the same strict justifications.....fear of death or great bodily injury. When I decide this justification has been reached is my own decision and one I must make at the time. I don't want anything to cause hesitation at this point. I want to survive the attack period. I'll deal with court and potential prison latter.

Scattergun bob, I play the gun games for fun and a little time behind the wheel so to speak. Admittedly I don't dedicate nearly as much time to my AR as she deserves, I have and occasionally run drills designed to maximize the platforms effectiveness.

To put something in perspective........I rarely practice for threegun, IDPA, IPSC, PPC, Balloon shoots, Bowling pin matches etc. I shoot many of them simply for fun and some stressful gun time. See I get really twisted in the guts before even a lowly PPC match. Shooting with tons of folks watching you......embarrassed if you miss......especially a reactive target (not in PPC)LOL.....and all with a timer on your butt. Most of my practice is for self defense.
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