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Originally Posted by Gbro
While shooting with a friend yesterday, He was loading 60gr. 777 under a 425 gr 54cal mini and they chronographed @1340's. (#11 cap)
Several shots later there was a Pfffftttttt and the mini hit the ground 30 yards out.
The barrel wasn't cleaned between any of the shots and about 30 min ?? shots it happened again. very same squib action. this time with PRB.
He said powder was relatively new, and this had never happened to him before.

I was shooting home cast maxi-hunter 435 gr. over 80 gr. FF = 1088fps and 90 gr. = 1289fps.

Is 777 that powerful?.
Yes, 777 is about 15% more potent than Goex Black Powder, as far as the squib loads I'm not sure but I do know that 777 does not like to be compressed too tightly just having the bullet touching the powder is better than compression I have found with my CVA Bobcat .50.
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